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•   THE ACUITY METHODTM   • Acuity Associates purpose is to strengthen teams through the application of The Acuity MethodTM. The Acuity  MethodTM Commercial Acumen Assessment measures capability against the key dimensions of Commerciality. Learn more about our Commercial Acumen Assessment The Acuity MethodTM differentiates those accountants who have the right technical skills from those who do not. We do this by validating skills through assessments. Our bespoke approach means tailoring the assessments to the specific requirements of each role. We report on all competencies, including Excel, and provide constructive feedback. The Acuity MethodTM can be provided as a consulting service to compliment a recruitment process, to assess an existing team’s competence, to identify high flyers, to provide assurance about the competence of interims. Learn More  > •   CANDIDATES   •  Understand how The Acuity MethodTM can ratify your skills and enhance your chances of securing the right role for you. Register with us and arrange your technical assessment and interview today. Learn More  >   •   CLIENTS   • Discover how The Acuity MethodTM can differentiate between candidates with the right skills and candidates without. Save time and strengthen your team by identifying those individuals with the most suitable fit and skills. Learn More  >   •   OUTSOURCING   •   Whether you need a bookkeeper, management accountant, financial controller or FD, use an assessed Acuity Associate to enhance your team and contact us today to understand how. Learn More  >

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