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The Acuity MethodTM is an assessment that validates the technical competencies of accountants in all pertinent areas including Excel, accounting fundamentals, accounting standards, software literacy, management reporting, process improvement, systems implementation, modelling, forecasting, projects and financial planning and analysis.

For senior roles we also assess commercial, business and strategic capabilities as explored in our White Paper ‘The 5D FD’.

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Passing The Acuity MethodTM strengthens your employability. Our clients understand the value of The Acuity MethodTM and as such our mandates are always on an exclusive basis. This means you will only ever be presented to our clients as either the only candidate or on a highly restricted shortlist. Our validated candidates enjoy an advantage over non-assessed candidates as our clients understand that you have the skills that are required for the role.

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We are very happy to meet with talented candidates but can do so BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
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Acuity Associates’ commitment to you

If you are ambitious, honest, passionate and above all proud and happy to demonstrate your skills then we want to hear from you. We have some of best finance and accounting roles in London and surrounding areas.

  Your needs  •  we will engage with you, listening to your requirements carefully and take the right amount of time to find out what you want. We absolutely won’t put you forward for jobs that aren’t appropriate for you. The Acuity MethodTM ensures you fully understand what is required for each and every role.
  Ethics  •   we will never put you forward for a role without telling you
  Professional  •  we always meet with all our shortlisted candidates so you are fully briefed and understand the role and you are properly prepared for any interviews
  Great advice  •  we’ll also offer you advice on presenting your CV, and provide constructive feedback after an interview