• Financial Controllers •

Our financial controllers have been assessed through The Acuity MethodTM. They all have the right level of Excel skill to perform the standard functions required for financial control including:

  • Business planning and modelling
  • Producing monthly management accounts including product and service line margin reporting and communicating to the management team
  • Managing a small team
  • Contract negotiations
  • Month journals including accruals prepayments and payroll
  • Bank and other control account reconciliations
  • Hands on work / more junior work when required

We can work on site or remotely depending on what works best for you. We will work part time or full time depending on the volume of work required. You may also require a bookkeeper to do the bookkeeping. Acuity is able to provide different accountants with different skills on a “as needed” approach to maximise efficiency and minimise cost to you. We look to charge £40-£50 per hour ex VAT for our financial controller service.

Call today on 0203 405 3080 and see how we can advise you on the right solution for your needs. If you have clients you need to provide management accounting for we can white label our associates so you can provide these services to your clients utilising our tried and assessed people.