• It’s time to hire for capability. Not just qualifications. •

At Acuity Associates, we believe your people should be an asset. Not a liability.

That’s why we developed The Acuity Method™  – the ONLY way to ensure that the financial professional you hire is capable of delivering in the role rather than just being purely qualified.

I need a Financial Director (FD)

I need a CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

I need a Financial Controller

What do we do?

We don’t just recruit. We audit financial ability.

At Acuity Associates, we audit financial ability and provide FDs and CFOs that are technically tested. This means that the candidates we source are assessed before they are suggested.

Working in this way ensures we eliminate the risks of a potential “bad hire”, by only providing the highest quality of applicants.

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How do we do it?


At the heart of everything we do is The Acuity Method™. With over 1000 tests completed and 500 companies with a combined turnover of £2B+ relying on our assessment, our process has been refined over time to ensure it identifies only the highest quality of candidates.

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Why work with us?

The cost of a “bad hire” can damage or even destroy your business.

Traditional “recruiters” in the financial space rely solely upon the qualifications of the candidates they put forward. We know from experience that being qualified doesn’t necessarily make you capable.

With the cost of a “bad hire” so high and with the negative impact so pervasive, it makes sense to do everything you can to minimise these risks by conducting due diligence as you would do in any other significant business or financial matter.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Profit – Cost of “bad hire” is 30% annual salary + resulting missed opportunities / erros.
Productivity – Time is wasted in the rehiring process as well as correcting any issues
People – Poor performers / issues in the workplace affects the morale of the team as a whole as well as reputation of the company to both its clients and employers.