A Fox In The Hen House: Our CEO Is A Secret CFO

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Acuity Associates was founded because our CEO, Ben Mekie, felt that the recruitment process for finance professionals was flawed. What made him qualified to come to this conclusion? Ben is a former CFO himself!

With nearly 12 years’ experience in the industry, Ben was all-too familiar with how recruiters focus purely on qualifications. Qualifications are of course an essential for any accounting professional, but it shouldn’t be the only thing we focus on when making a hire.

A great senior finance professional should be able to lead teams, communicate with those who aren’t fluent in financial literacy, interpret data, improve business processes and help organisations reach their finance goals.

Unfortunately, qualifications alone don’t guarantee that a candidate is capable of delivering what’s required of them in their role. This is what so often results in companies making the wrong hire.

Ben recognised this was an industry-wide problem which is why Acuity Associates is different. We use assessment tools (The Acuity Measure) and reports to identify and highlight the strengths and capabilities of each and every one of our candidates.

This can provide valuable insights such as leadership skills, technical ability, financial capability and much more.

Armed with the data you need to make an informed decision, bad hires become a thing of the past.

Having a former CFO on the team enables us to understand the recruitment process from both the client and candidate’s point of view. An accomplished and highly experienced board advisor and entrepreneur, Ben also brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building successful businesses.

Some of his many skills include:


  • Strategy development
  • Defining and delivering growth strategies
  • Identifying and implementing business change
  • Steering and leading strategic business sales
  • Recruiting and building high performing finance teams
  • Board/committee chairmanship
  • Financial management and corporate governance
  • Corporate finance


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You can also download our whitepaper 5DFD: Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director to learn more about the skills required to make a great senior finance professional.


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