A Successful Search: How Acuity Associates can help you find the right FD

The key to finding the right Finance Director or CFO for your business is to consider which skills, qualities and experience will prove a good fit with your existing team and the needs of your organisation.

Acuity Associates’ extensive assessment process, The Acuity Measure helps us to identify high calibre Finance Directors who will provide tremendous value to your business.

How The Acuity Measure works

 You need a Finance Director who can hit the ground running when it comes to identifying opportunities to increase efficiency, boost productivity, reduce costs and strengthen your existing finance team.

This means you need more than just qualifications. You need individuals who have the skills required to carry out their job to a high standard.

The Acuity Measure identifies candidates who:

  • Are capable of enhancing processes, systems and reporting tools
  • Know how to improve efficiency and business operations
  • Possess great business acumen
  • Have good financial aptitude
  • Are great at making decisions
  • Are digitally minded in today’s technology driven world
  • Have the technical skills your business needs
  • Fit in with the culture of your organisation
  • Can collaborate effectively with other individuals and teams within the organisation

Why choose Acuity Associates?

The Acuity Measure ensures we place the right candidates in the right roles but aside from our comprehensive assessments, there are many other reasons to choose Acuity Associates.

We offer a cost-effective recruitment process

 Whether you do it yourself or outsource to an agency, recruiting costs money. From advertising the role and interviewing to training new hires and paying their salary, the cost of hiring soon adds up.

When you take all this into account, you don’t want to employ someone who isn’t right for the role and you then have to start all over again.

A combination of our assessments and the knowledge our consultants possess, greatly reduces the risk of making a bad hire.

We’ll save you time

 When recruiting your Finance Director role, we won’t send dozens of average CVs for you to sift through. You will receive a few, specially selected candidates who have already undergone our assessment.

We’re confident the applicants we send are well suited to the role, your business and your existing team.

We have a database of candidates 

Over the years, we’ve built up a fantastic database of candidates. All of them have completed our assessment which means we can gain access to high quality candidates even at short notice. This is ideal if you’re trying to fill an interim role or need a Finance Director at short notice.

Our ‘5D FD’ White Paper illustrates the importance of ensuring your CFO / FD has the right skills to take your business and finance team to the next level.

To learn more about Acuity Associates, Contact us and speak to one of our experts.

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