Why choose Acuity Associates to find your next senior finance professional?

We go above and beyond when it comes to identifying the right candidates for your role. Qualifications are of course a determining factor, but when you’re looking for people who play an integral role in the long-term success of your business, we know it takes more.

We help to build strong finance teams by:

  • Using assessment tools (The Acuity Measure) to identify candidates who have the capability to perform and excel in their role
  • The Acuity Measure also tests competencies, highlights strengths and weaknesses and determines how a potential new hire will fit in with your existing team
  • We only put forward candidates who have achieved a top 25% score compared to their peers
  • We can also provide a selection of other tools which can help you to assess your existing finance team (FID) and support your business by providing an insight into the health of your current infrastructure (FIRE)

If you’re looking for a financial recruitment company that looks at the bigger picture when it comes to making hiring decisions, get in touch with Acuity Associates today.


Whether you’re looking for a permanent, fractional or interim CFO, we can help you find the best fit for your business and its needs.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that as well as being qualified, your FD is capable of delivering and excelling in their role.


Find out why more than 500 companies rely on The Acuity Measure to source the highest quality financial controllers.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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