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You need people you can count on.

As an employer, you’re looking for the best fit for your business and your needs. Whether that’s a full time FD, an interim member of the team, or even a diagnostic report, we’ll help you to ensure the financial side of your business is not only under control, but is designed for long lasting success.

There are three services we can offer to help strengthen your finance team:

1. Diagnostic testing

If you’re not considering an FD but want to have your financials checked by a verified professional for opportunities and weaknesses, then our diagnostic testing is for you.

This fixed cost solution ensures your finances are in order and provides everything you need to improve performance or even help ready the business for sale / an outside investor.

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2. Interim or Project Placements

Readying a business for sale or improving the financial reporting and analysis of a company is no easy task when the day to day is taking up all the time.

A skills-validated CFO / Finance Director (FD) or Financial Controller can make all the difference in enhancing processes, systems and reporting for the requisite level. A best in class finance function will not only facilitate optimal decision making during business as usual but also allow any potential acquirer / strategic investor to quickly evaluate your business through their due diligence.

Not all financial professionals are created equally.

The Acuity Method™ differentiates those financial professionals who have the right technical skills from those who do not. We do this by validating candidates’ skills through assessments on Excel, accounting fundamentals, software literacy and the more specialist areas of accounting. For Finance Directors and CFOs we further assess against the five skills dimensions as explored in our White Paper ‘The 5D FD’. [HYPERLINK REQUIRED HERE?]

Our extensive database of pre-assessed Finance Directors, CFOs and Financial Controllers means we are able to identify and provide skilled financial professionals who are available on short notice or immediate start.

3. Executive Search

If you’re looking to hire a new member of the team, then our executive search option is for you.

On engagement one of our chosen Acuity Consultants works with you to understand the specifics of the role, the context of your existing team (including reporting structures) and the cultural aspects of your organisation. Our Consultant assists in producing the right job specification or specifications for your organisation.

We will agree with you the key attributes that are required for the role and these are signed off by you and Acuity Associates to ensure we have the agreed skills and attributes clearly set out.

Acuity harnesses from our database and the candidate marketplace a bespoke suite of tried and tested assessments on the agreed attributes and skills for the role. Acuity sources candidates with the correct fit for your organisation and they undertake the assessments. These processes ensure Acuity saves you the work of seeing too many unsuitable candidates. You see fewer, high quality candidates specific to the role thereby saving your valuable time.

Following the assessment process Acuity reports on the candidates’ capabilities including the key attributes that have been identified for the role. Only a shortlist of those candidates with the right cultural fit and the right technical skills are provided for you to carry out your own interview and processes on.

The Acuity Method™ allows us to provide skills-validated CFOs, Finance Directors and Financial Controllers.