Five Skills That Make A Quality FD

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A Finance Director can play a pivotal role in the performance, success and longevity of your business. With a heavy influence on everyday operations and long-term decisions, we highlight the skills which distinguish a great FD from an ordinary one.


The skills that make a quality FD


They’re passionate

No organisation wants to mess around when it comes to their finances, so there’s no denying that FDs have a serious job. Despite being in a challenging role which can also be hard work and stressful, a passionate FD with high energy levels can really escalate your finance team to new levels.

Your FD is likely responsible for leading or managing other team members as well as communicating complex financial data to senior management, stakeholders and other employees. If they can do this enthusiastically, it’s a huge boost in morale for the entire organisation.

What’s more, an employee who’s passionate about their job is far more likely to excel, continue with professional development and consider the long-term vision of your business.


They’re forward-thinking

Thanks to constantly evolving technology, today’s business landscape advances quickly. Traditional FDs who are set in their ways won’t help your organisation stay in line with current trends and stand out from your competitors.

A fantastic FD is forward-thinking, gets excited about new advancements and has a keen interest in staying up-to-date with changes in their industry.


Excellent communicators

As we mentioned earlier, FDs need to be skilled when it comes to relaying complex financial data to those who aren’t familiar with finance terms.

An extraordinary FD can interact confidently and effectively in order to influence others and and garner respect.


They’re resilient

Today’s business environment is a challenging one. Companies are facing more competition that ever, along with recessions, downturns and pandemics.

As FDs are often brought in to help organisations navigate financial and economic difficulties, it’s critical that they’re resilient.

Their financial knowledge and forward-thinking demeanour should help your business navigate any storm and potentially even come out of it stronger.



It goes without saying that any accountancy role is a numbers game. A great FD knows how to produce accurate and reliable data which can then be used to make strategic, long-term decisions.

What’s more, a technically minded FD embraces technology to enable easy automation of this data. With the skills to fully utilise this information across the business quickly and easily, they can make more informed, responsive and successful decisions.


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