How emerging Mid-Market businesses attain true corporate success

Two facts stand out. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for fundamental change in the early 21st Century and almost 190% of economic profits are earned by the top 20% of companies.

This top quintile understand how to evolve. They constantly update their understanding of the market, their customers and how to optimise against a changing environment.

What are the areas emerging mid-market businesses need to focus on to join the elite performers?

Mckinsey’s “Nine Keys” report cites that 90% of these top-performing companies are treating talent as scarcer than capital or are planning to do so. Mid-market growth businesses do not need to have the deep pockets of the world’s top businesses to focus on talent. In a world where generation Z seeks out lives beyond the material a balanced approach – rather than an existing brand name – is preferable to attract and retain top talent.

How should the Finance Director / CFO support the nurturing of talent in a business?

In order to facilitate this the CFO or Finance Director must have a strong understanding of the existing deliverables and capabilities of their teams. The identification and development of skills both in recruitment processes and in the day to day must be engrained into the business’ culture and processes. The FD must use their Catalyst skills to ensure consistency and understanding and assumptions across the business.

Questions to be answered include:

“How do we rate our people ”

“Are we prioritising Capital over Talent?”

“How can we adjust our processes to identify and nurture talent?”

‘The 5D FD’ White Paper underpins the importance of ensuring the CFO has both the skills and engagement with teams to enable this change. Click here to discover more.

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1 Smet, A., Gagnon, C., & Mygatt, E. Organizing for the future: Nine keys to becoming a future-ready company.

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