Maximizing Your Investment: The Benefits of Part-Time / Fractional FD or CFO Services

Any organisation serious about achieving its goals needs an effective, senior finance professional on its team.

Do you know how to protect the vital assets of your company? Are you compliant with current financial regulations? Are your books up-to-date and accurate? Do you know how to communicate value and potential risks to investors and boards?

Hiring a part-time or fractional FD/CFO on an ongoing basis is the simple solution for companies who want to scale up, need the high level skills, but can’t afford to hire someone full-time.

The benefits of hiring a fractional FD/CFO

The most obvious benefit of any part-time employee is that they come at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Despite this, you still gain critical financial expertise from a highly skilled professional.

A talented FD/CFO can add significant value to your organisation. If you’re hiring this individual on a part-time basis, it means that you can afford to look at someone on a more senior level than you would normally be able to consider. Hiring top talent at a fraction of the cost is a smart business decision, that your competitors may not have considered.

Productivity, or lack of it, is a big issue for many businesses. This can especially be the case with senior members of staff who frequently face increased workloads, short deadlines and shrinking budgets.

Flexible working traditionally brings increased job satisfaction – something which is reflected in productivity. It’s not uncommon for part-time workers to do just as much in their shorter day or week as full-time employees. Because they can fit errands such as the school run and dentist appointments around their work day, it also means that part-time workers typically have lower absenteeism and sickness rates than full-time employees.

Many mid-market businesses simply don’t have a need for a full time FD/CFO. Flexibility is another benefit of hiring on a part-time basis. Rather than making a major financial commitment by recruiting a full-time employee, part-time workers provide a low-risk investment.

Your FD/CFO is there to help solve financial challenges, maximise profits and future-proof your business. This can be achieved on a part-time basis while leaving you open to the possibility that once the organisation has grown further, you may want to increase their hours.

Whether we’re recruiting senior finance professionals on a full time, fractional (part-time) or interim basis, every candidate we work with goes through the same assessment process. We use The Acuity Measure to ensure your FD/CFO possesses the technical competencies required to survive today’s fast-paced and ever-changing finance world.

Download our White Paper ‘5D FD: Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director,’ find out more about The Acuity Measure or get in touch with Acuity Associates for help recruiting your next FD/CFO.

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