Not All Recruitment Companies Were Created Equal: Introducing Acuity Associates

With so many established recruitment companies in the industry, we knew that Acuity Associates had to be different.

Despite being a hugely competitive market, the business, the team, our client and candidate database has consistently grown over the years.

Below we share how we differentiated Acuity Associates from the many other finance recruitment companies and how we help organisations build strong and highly skilled finance teams.


Identifying employers’ pain points

Before opening our doors, we identified the biggest struggle employers face – finding the right candidates for their roles.

Aside from being hugely time consuming, recruitment isn’t easy to get right. In fact, 74% of employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position.

Hiring mistakes can be hugely costly for businesses:

  • You’ve acquired the expense of going through the recruitment process and paying someone’s salary, just to be back at square one
  • You’re left with an unfilled vacancy which means tasks aren’t being completed
  • A bad hire can be very disruptive to organisations and their teams. This can have a knock-on effect on morale
  • High staff turnover can affect a business’s reputation, impacting sales and profits

Our role was to step in and eliminate this risk for our clients. How have we done this?


Taking the pain out of recruitment

Naturally, people tend to turn to qualifications and how they bond with candidates during the interview process.

While qualifications and cultural fit are of course important when factoring in whether someone will be successful, they don’t enable you to understand if candidates have the skills and capabilities to perform and excel in the role. This is what makes the recruitment process so challenging for many.


Identify high-performing candidates

Acuity Associates knows exactly how to identify candidates who are driven, strategic, future-focused and of course, capable of excelling in their roles.

We do this by incorporating the use of an assessment tool, The Acuity Measure into our hiring process.

  • The Acuity Measure tests competencies, highlights strengths and weaknesses and determines how a potential new hire will fit in with your existing team
  • Data is collated to produce a report which highlights each candidates’ skills and the attributes they have which make them suitable for the role
  • We only put forward candidates who achieve a top 25% score compared to their peers
  • To completement The Acuity Measure, we can also provide a selection of other tools to help you assess your existing finance team (FID) and support your business by providing an insight into the health of your current infrastructure (FIRE)

We truly believe in the power of gaining a deeper insight into the strengths and skills of a candidate when it comes to making successful, long-term hires.

Find out why more than 500 companies rely on The Acuity Measure by getting in touch today.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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