• Reports •

We appreciate that smaller businesses who have not yet taken the steps to enhance their finance functions may have concerns about the level of cost involved in doing so. As such we have a capped cost three day service (@£3000 ex VAT) to produce a report to provide that clarity.

One of our Associate Finance Directors (FDs) works with the business getting the drains up and studying exactly what is being prepared and for what use. That is then compared to what a best in class set of financial infrastructure, with all the associated benefits, looks like. A list of the missing items is then produced with timeframes and estimated costs to prepare for use by the business moving forward.

The report has three elements to it:

  • The state of the nation
    • that is exactly what reporting, including forecasts and financial analysis, is currently performed in the business
  • What a best in class fully operational set of financial infrastructure would look like
    • to run the business optimally as you go along
    • to be ready to sell the business or take on a strategic investor at short notice
  • The road map in moving from 1) to 2)
    • what are the exact items that need to be produced to provide all the requisite levels of reporting to the Founder / Board of Directors
    • for example:
      • An integrated cashflow forecast model with sensitivity analysis and scenario planning
      • KPIs
      • Product mix
      • Service mix
      • Gross margin reviews
      • Cap Ex analysis
      • Working capital analysis
      • etc etc

This report becomes the property of our client with a clear road map outlining exactly what needs to be done, and the estimated time and cost to achieve that. Timing the work can then be decided. In some cases all the work is undertaken straight away over (say) 15-20 days. In other cases the work is spread out over a year so the cost is absorbed out of business as usual cashflow. Either way Acuity is flexible in the delivery of these benefits.

For more information please call 020 3405 3080 or email info@acuityassociates.co.uk.