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Compare your score against the Financial Infrastructure Benchmarking Report to see where your business is and any potential risks or recommendations.

Score Band Description Risk Recommendation
20-36 Black Flag Your business could be going bust and there is a significant danger that you won't know it until it happens. Highly likely to be inefficient, unproductive and not as profitable as you could be. Immediate intervention is essential to business survival High risk of business failure. Breaches of fiduciary rules can result in fines and disqualification as a director You need to stop 'driving with your eyes shut' and make sure you are operating legally. A really good FD working one or two days a month can be more effective than employing someone more junior for longer hours. The FD will get the foundations set up to report your profitability and cash position transparently - and then recommend which tasks can be done by less experienced staff
37-52 Red Flag You have some basic information but not enough to make any long-term progress with your business in terms of driving sustainable growth. Efficiency, productivity and profitability most likely lagging behind most of your competitors The business is almost certainly leaving money on the table and at risk of plateauing or decline, particularly in a challenging market. Competitors armed with stronger analysis are a significant danger to your business and can run away from you Numbers don't just record what has happened - by looking at trends and exceptions they can highlight opportunities as well as warnings to help your business improve and grow. In two days a month, a good FD will add real value by understanding what's in the detail of the numbers; asking and helping answer the questions they pose; and advising you and your staff what should be monitored on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
53-68 Amber Flag You have some reasonable information but not the full picture of what is going on in your business. On a par with your competitors (is that enough for you?) The business is likely to be coasting and meeting base level performance expectations. Does that meet with your ambitions and aspirations? Growing a business, rather than just maintaining it, requires decisive action - clear objectives; a robust improvement plan; effective progress monitoring; and the necessary corrective action. Working one or two days a week can help a good FD keep their finger on the pulse of your business - ensuring that operational plans are joined-up and that dashboards are developed which will enable you and your team to drive the business forward
69-84 Green Flag You are starting to get to where you would like to be. Information, reports and analysis are in place, but there is a way to go in terms of deeper analysis that will help drive decision-making to meet more ambitious KPIs Starting to peep ahead of your competitors, but not soaring away. Some good information is circulating and corroborating the owners' intuitive and instinctive decision making Budgets and planning aren't about arbitrary targets. Done properly, planning is essential to preparing for success - and to anticipate and thrive when things are different from what you expect. The FD will need to be in close touch with what's going on right across the business, to understand your market and the (competitive, technical and regulatory) environment you operate in - and to explore the impact of, and lead the scenario planning for changes you might make, or which might happen to you.
85-100 Bright Star Your business strategy is crystal clear and your financial planning is perfectly aligned to achieving it. Your systems, processes and reporting are best in class. You know where your business is, where it is going and how you are going to manage the journey. You are efficient, productive and very profitable. You will also know exactly how you are going to grow and exactly what resources (human or otherwise) are required to do that Black swan events and competitor / technology innovation represent the only significant risks. Your business knows where it is going, what is coming up, and has two or three contingency solutions already in place to ensure growth is not impacted negatively Congratulations - you and your FD have a clear understanding and vision for your business. You are planning for success - and may soon be seeking further investment or in a position to sell the business. The FD not only needs to know the true value and opportunity of your business, but will also need to explain that clearly and succinctly to potential investors, who have none of your detailed understanding . You have the information and intelligence - a highly experienced FD will be able to assimilate that information quickly, assemble the data room and bring their expertise in deal negotiation so you can optimise your exit.

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