The 5D FD White Paper: A Guide to Validating Your CFO and FD’s Skills

Technological influences have altered the traditional definition of what makes a great CFO and FD.

The responsibilities of these roles have grown tremendously and are now a far cry from simply keeping accounts and managing a company’s financial health. Key competencies are now more leadership-centric with an increasing amount of time dedicated to strategic planning and communication.

How does your CFO/FD meet and adapt to today’s key business challenges?

Our White Paper ‘5D FD: Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director’ explores and confronts the modern CFO/FDs role in meeting and adapting to key business challenges.

It will enable you to validate your employees’ skills and how effective they are in their role by addressing the following questions.

  • Are they an effective decision-maker?
  • Do they have the ability and agility to support the strategic decisions that are integral to the success of your business?
  • Can they adapt to the challenging risks and opportunities that today’s senior finance leaders face?
  • Do your senior finance professionals have the skills and capabilities required to propel your vision and drive performance?

The White Paper highlights the five dimensions needed for modern CFOs/FDs to excel in their careers including:

  • Strategist – can your CFO/FD crystalise strategic objectives into a coherent and cohesive plan?
  • Catalyst – is there consistency of understanding and assumptions across the business?
  • Business Partner – can they work with colleagues outside the finance team to understand their issues and help them achieve their objectives?
  • Custodian – can they improve the finances of the business by setting and monitoring a plan?
  • Scorer – can they maintain proper accounting records and meet obligations such as statutory reporting and tax requirements?

The paper goes into detail about what each of these dimensions are, the responsibilities your finance leaders have and what the risks and opportunities are to your business. Ultimately, it will help you to determine – is your CFO/FD fit for purpose?

When used in conjunction with The Acuity Measure which is a proven assessment tool, you can ensure your CFO/FD possesses the technical competencies required to survive today’s fast-paced and ever-changing finance world.

Find out how effective your senior finance leaders are in their roles by:

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