• Strengthening Commercial Teams •

Use The Acuity MethodTM to strengthen your people and teams commerciality with our assessment of Commercial Acumen. The Acuity MethodTM is used to assess the following attributes.

Commercial Literacy
Recognising cost and income drivers to manage risk and to optimise financial performance
Field of View
Spotting what is important
Data Literacy
Understanding how data has been sourced, validated and manipulated and how it can be used to add value to the business
Analytical Thinking
Defining a problem or opportunity, identifying possible actions to address it and deciding the best action to take
Presenting information to enable the audience to grasp the issue, its significance and future impact

Depending on the level of seniority we assess for competence, capability and aptitude in these attributes. For instance, in graduate recruitment we assess for aptitudes rather than the skills, i.e. the propensity to develop these skills.

• Applications •

Identifying commercial candidates during recruitment
Team development
Identifying high flyers
Identifying those employees who have the skills for the next role