The Benefits of Executive Search: Finding the Best CFO for Your Business

CFOs play an integral role in improving the financial health of an organisation, so it’s critical you find the right one.

Acuity Associates’ executive search service incorporates years of experience working with high level finance professionals with an extensive assessment process to ensure we deliver the highest quality candidates.

What are the benefits of Acuity Associates’ Executive Search?

Thanks to The Acuity Measure, we can identify outstanding CFOs who know how to increase company profits, tighten financial processes, improve forecasting and contribute to building bigger and better businesses.

While qualifications are important, we also need to look at the bigger picture when making hiring decisions.

Bad hires are costly, frustrating and can damage a company’s reputation.

We’ve minimised the risk of making a bad hire by developing The Acuity Measure.

Candidates are assessed on critical skills required to be a competent CFO. Data is collated to produce a report which highlights each candidates’ skills and the attributes they have which make them suitable for a role. What is more the detailed insights supplied mean it is far easier to see which of the candidates skills are suited to your particular CFO role, after all no CFO role is entirely the same.

What makes this assessment unique is that it measures the skills and abilities of CFOs and compares them to their peers. It can identify individuals who are in the top quartile which means we can confidently introduce you to the highest quality candidates.

A dedicated Acuity Associates consultant

It’s important that we understand your business and how it operates, which is why you have a dedicated consultant when working with Acuity Associates.

Your consultant will work with you to understand the specifics of the role you’re recruiting for, how your existing team operates and how new recruits will fit in with the culture of the company.

Before the hiring process can begin, it’s important to clearly define the role of your CFO. We provide you with an in-depth understanding of what a modern CFO role looks like and how it’s likely to evolve and integrate with your business.

High calibre CFOs

You will receive fewer CVs when you work with Acuity Associates, but the candidates we do send for review, will be of an incredibly high standard. They will have undergone our assessment process which means we’re confident the candidate/s will be the right fit for the role, your business and the team they’ll be working with.

Your CFO should possess the necessary skills to alleviate any pain points within your organisation, as well as help you to achieve your strategic goals. The Acuity Measure has been created with all of this in mind, giving you the peace of mind that your new recruit will be successful in supporting your business.

We help you create a desirable workplace

Competition is fierce for good CFOs. In order to recruit top level finance professionals, we work with you to create a desirable workplace.

By assessing your existing finance team’s skills, you can create an attractive culture which promotes:

Continuous professional development
Career advancement
Strong inter-team relationships
Low staff turnover
Effective communication skills

To find out more about our executive search service and how we can help you find the right CFO for your business, get in touch with Acuity Associates.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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