The future of work: the challenges in determining the optimal mix of remote and traditional working

As the first quarter of 2023 has got firmly underway, many emerging mid-market businesses are still considering what the post-pandemic future of work should really look like, including the very practical and immediate need to establish the right proportions of office and remote working.

What are the areas emerging mid-market businesses need to focus on?

There are many factors to be taken into consideration including sector, size and design of office space, training and development of teams as well as the crucial product / service delivery to customers. Depending on sector there will be different priorities and possibilities across each of the areas which need to be properly understood.

How can the Finance Director / CFO ensure the most effective mix is implemented?

In order to facilitate this CFOs and Finance Directors must have as strong understanding of how the business worked before the (enforced) changes.

A detailed review to be undertaken balancing analysing the relative merits of different combinations across different teams to report the impact on immediate and medium term growth.

Questions to be answered include:

“How much space do we need and what is the right design?”

“How do we maintain our training and development plans?”

“What impact will remote working have on our customers?”

‘The 5D FD’ White Paper underpins the importance of ensuring the CFO is sufficiently hands-on to both understand how the business works and be strategic enough to model future  resource allocations. Click here to discover more.

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