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Looking for a trusted CFO with proven ability?

Your CFO is responsible for financial planning and analysing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses. As the most senior member of the team, their ability to understand, interpret and communicate the financial wellbeing of the company, as well as create forward thinking strategies has a profound impact on the business. The right CFO will be invaluable in achieving your business’ ultimate objectives.

It’s for that reason that hiring on qualifications alone is a risky proposition and why The Acuity Method™ was created.

We go beyond the numbers

Our CFOs have been assessed through The Acuity Method™. They all have the right level of Excel skill to perform the standard functions required for financial control including:

  • Readying business for sale including preparation of the data room
  • Business planning and modelling
  • Production of an integrated cash flow forecast model with scenario planning capability
  • Production of the monthly Board Pack including product and service margin reporting, KPIs, product and service mix and communicating to the management team
  • Managing the finance team
  • Provide strategic input to the board
  • Contract negotiations
  • Hands on work as required

Finding the right fit for your specific needs

We can work on site or remotely depending on what works best for you. We will work part time or full time depending on the volume of work required. We work with you to find the best match in terms of the amount of work delivered and your budgets.

Not all CFOs are created equal

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