• Why work with us •

The cost of a “bad hire” can damage or even destroy your business.

Traditional “recruiters” in the financial space rely solely upon the qualifications of the candidates they put forward. We know from experience that being qualified doesn’t necessarily make you capable.

With the cost of a bad hire so high and with the negative impact so pervasive, it makes sense to do everything you can to minimise these risks by conducting due diligence as you would do in any other significant business or financial matter.

There are three main reasons you may wish to choose us over a “traditional” recruiter:

1 – Not all financial professionals are created equally.

Whilst on paper two candidates could appear to be equally appropriate for the role, we know from experience that you have to go beyond the numbers and beyond the qualifications to find those who really can perform.

2 – It’s time to hire for capability, not just qualifications.

Qualifications are an essential part of financial recruitment – of course they are – but outside of qualifications, there is no structured way to differentiate between candidates. Having a qualified member of the financial team is a given – the question is, how do you know if they can actually undertake the tasks you need them to complete?

3 – The ONLY way to avoid a “bad hire”

The cost of a “bad hire” can’t be understated, it affects not only the financial landscape of the business, but can also have a lasting morale and productivity impact too.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Profit – Cost of “bad hire” is 30% annual salary + resulting missed opportunities / erros.
Productivity – Time is wasted in the rehiring process as well as correcting any issues
People – Poor performers / issues in the workplace affects the morale of the team as a whole as well as reputation of the company to both its clients and employers.

If you’re looking to hire an FD or CFO, it’s important that the person you choose isn’t just qualified, but is capable too. The Acuity Method™ is the only way you can verify the capability of a candidate before they are placed and thus the only way to minimise and mitigate any negative repercussions.