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At Acuity Associates we are committed to strengthening finance teams. Our aim is to be your partner in the executive search process so you can hire with confidence.

We are more than just an executive search company, we are an executive search company dedicated to ensuring all the people in your finance team as are good as possible and that as a team they can deliver your business all the finance skills your require.

It’s more than Qualifications

Since our inception in 2019, we have placed permanent, fractional, interim CFOs, FDs and FCs in a huge variety of companies across the UK and beyond. All our candidates are tested using The Acuity Method to ensure that really can provide the skills your particular business needs and we only ever put forward candidates who score in the top 25% against their peers.

The Acuity Method has been used by over 500 companies to access finance professionals skills and was developed by team behind Acuity Associates.

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Looking at the bigger picture

We aim to look beyond the single placement. We use our expertise and our tools to understand the  strengths and weakness of your whole finance team so identifying where additional skills need to be brought in and equally highlighting where existing skills can be better used.

Our own team benefits from direct experience working at senior management level and our CEO has even been a CFO for many years.

We do get it and we also appreciate that you want to be sure that our values align with your own.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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