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At Acuity Associates we believe it’s equally important that both clients and candidates are confident in our selection process.

Although assessments are typically seen as a tool for recruiters, they can be just as beneficial for job seekers.

Our tried and tested assessment tool, The Acuity Measure identifies your key skills and competencies. This can prove invaluable when it comes to deciding the role and type of organisation you want to work for.

As well as providing a valuable insight into your strengths, completing our free assessment puts you on our exclusive shortlist.

Our clients understand the value of The Acuity Measure and as such, our placements are always on an exclusive basis. As one of our assessed candidates you will be on a highly restricted shortlist, giving you a competitive advantage over those who haven’t been through a comprehensive assessment process.

FC Executive Search

Completion of The Acuity Measure enables us to pinpoint the areas where you perform particularly well. This will give you complete confidence that you’re accepting a role within an organisation that’s the perfect fit for your experience and future aspirations.

FC Fractional Roles

Secure your next fractional FC role with confidence thanks to The Acuity Measure. Free to complete, the assessment will validate your competency in many areas including software literacy, management reporting, modelling, forecasting and financial planning.

FC Interim Roles

We can help you to pinpoint the areas you perform particularly well in so you know the kind of role and company that would be the perfect fit for your experience and future aspirations.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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