Our Financial Infrastructure Diagnostic Tool (FID) helps businesses to understand where the weaknesses are in the current financial infrastructure.

In less than five minutes, you can find out how your business ranks in comparison to both your competitors and best in class businesses globally.

Upon completion, you will be presented with a report which will highlight potential risks to your business as well as provide recommendations for improving your financial infrastructure so you can get it to where you want it to be.

Take the FID

The FID tool can be used on its own or alongside any of our other fantastic tools including:

  • The Acuity Measure. Ideal for businesses looking to hire high calibre senior finance professionals. This is as assessment which tests the technical competencies of potential employees to ensure they have the right skills for the role. It can also be used to highlight strengths and weaknesses as well as determine how a potential hire will fit in with your existing team.
  • Financial Infrastructure Report Extract Tool (FIRE). Analyse your existing financial structure and create an actionable roadmap for improvement with the FIRE tool. You will receive a diagnostic report which includes a breakdown of your existing financial structure and a roadmap for how to move your business from where it currently is, to where it should be.

To find out more about our assessment tools and how they can help take your business to the next level, get in touch with Acuity Associates today.

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