Our Mission: To strengthen finance teams

We want you to be able to hire with confidence.

Being qualified for a role does not always make a candidate capable of delivering what is required. We created The Acuity Measure to provide a simple and effective means of choosing the right candidate based on a myriad of factors relevant to the job they will need to do for you.

Our Values

Continuous Improvement

We continuously review and improve our processes to ensure that The Acuity Measure is always at the vanguard of technical assessment and validation. Our work is evidence driven and we are relentless in our pursuit of perfection.

Do The Right Thing

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest ethics of the accounting profession, and pride ourselves on being open, honest and genuine.

Humbly Confident

We offer and accept apologies graciously, we easily admit to mistakes and readily acknowledge weaknesses, whilst being confident in our abilities.


We value team work, open discussions and sharing of best practices and issues.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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