Why hire a fractional FD?

Today’s Finance Directors are strategic business leaders who act as trusted advisors to CEOs. They bring a wealth of knowledge which can position your business for a thriving future.

Hiring a full-time FD can be costly however. This leaves many businesses lacking the high calibre of experience and expertise needed to drive business growth.

An experienced fractional finance director can help your organisation to achieve its long-term goals while offering complete flexibility. You’re not tied into a long-term contract and don’t have to pay a full-time wage, enabling your business to benefit from an exceptional FD without the big financial obligation.

Transformative leadership

 Technological influences have altered the traditional definition of what makes a great FD. Key competencies are now more leadership-centric with an increasing amount of time dedicated to strategic planning and communication.

With the addition of an expert finance director, your team will be empowered with the knowledge, skills and experienced needed to take your business to greater heights.

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Taking the risk out of FD recruitment

When hiring a fractional FD, you can enjoy complete flexibility. You don’t have to worry about lengthy contracts or long notice periods and working hours are determined by the needs of your business. If this changes, we can quickly adapt and make the necessary changes.

Our comprehensive assessments also take the risk out of the recruitment process because you can be confident in the capabilities of your hire. The Acuity Measure is an assessment tool which measures the skills and abilities of FDs and compares them to existing employees or other candidates you’re considering for interview. This gives you the reassurance you need that you’ve made the right choice.

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