How Acuity Associates Can Help You Develop A Successful Hiring Strategy

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An absolute certainty within any growing organisation is recruitment. Good people are the backbone to your growth, success and reputation.

Too often we see companies go into the process blind however. On the surface, a decent CV coupled with a candidate who interviews well seems like the answer to your problems. Without thinking about the long-term vision of the business and the skills you need to reach your goals, bad hires become all too common.

Developing an effective hiring strategy:

  • Enables you to create a more comprehensive job description so you’re attracting the most suitable candidates
  • Ensures you’re using the same recruitment process throughout the entire organisation
  • Helps you find a diverse range of candidates
  • Improves the working relationship between yourself and recruitment agencies because you maintain a high level of transparency throughout the process
  • Significantly increases the likelihood of making a successful hire the first time around, saving time and money

How to develop a successful hiring strategy

Years of experience can of course help you to develop a knack for recognising a good candidate when you see one. Sometimes judgement can be clouded by an urgent need to fill a role, frustration about a lack of talent (you end up picking the best of a bad bunch) and bias towards candidates we get on well with on a personal level.

Technology has enabled us to use data to identify the type of candidate your organisation needs in order to thrive. Our tools have been designed to provide the insight you need to hire the right people at the right time.


The Acuity Measure

The Acuity Measure tests competencies, highlights strengths and weaknesses and determines how a potential new hire will fit in with your existing team.

Candidates complete an assessment which enables us to collect valuable data. This is then collated into a report which highlights each candidates’ skills and the attributes they have which make them suitable for the role.

We only put forward candidates who achieve a top 25% score compared to their peers, giving you complete peace of mind that you’re making the right hire.


Financial Infrastructure Diagnostic Tool (FID)

Understanding where there are potential weaknesses within your current financial infrastructure, helps businesses to hire candidates who can plug skill gaps.

The Financial Infrastructure Diagnostic Tool (FID) can provide recommendations for improving your finance team, highlight potential risks to your business and identify where your organisation ranks compared to your competitors.

This tool can be used on its own or alongside The Acuity Measure and/or the Financial Infrastructure Review.


Financial Infrastructure Review

One of our expert directors works with your business to dig deep into your existing financial structure. Together you can then create an actionable roadmap to ensure you have the right team behind you to get your business to where you want it to be.

The Financial Infrastructure Review comes with a detailed report which highlights how your finance operations are currently running, how to implement a best-in-class infrastructure, time and cost projections as well as a roadmap to move the business from where it is to where you want it to be.


For further information about any of our development tools, get in touch with Acuity Associates today.

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We only put forward candidates that have achieved a top 25% score vs. their peers.

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