What’s the Difference Between an FD and FC – Why Does It Matter?

Finance Directors (FD) and Finance Controllers (FC) are senior finance professionals. Some of their responsibilities overlap which can make it difficult for employers to decipher the difference between the two….

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Executive Search Or DIY – What Are The Benefits?

Regardless of the country’s economic status, companies are always looking for ways to reduce their overheads. Eliminating expenses that just aren’t necessary, makes good business sense and could be the…

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Traits Of Successful Financial Hires – What Should You Look For In Your Next CFO?

Senior finance professionals are responsible for everything from providing financial guidance to overseeing your finances and helping you to meet your financial goals and objectives. As such a critical component…

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Interim or Fractional CFO – What Does Your Business Need?

While a CFO might be what your organisation needs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a full-time or permanent basis. Understanding the capacity at which you need a CFO,…

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A Fox In The Hen House: Our CEO Is A Secret CFO

Acuity Associates was founded because our CEO, Ben Mekie, felt that the recruitment process for finance professionals was flawed. What made him qualified to come to this conclusion? Ben is…

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Five Skills That Make a Great Financial Controller

To hire a top-notch Financial Controller (FC), you need to understand what makes a great senior finance professional. This is especially the case in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving workplace…

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Not All Recruitment Companies Were Created Equal: Introducing Acuity Associates

With so many established recruitment companies in the industry, we knew that Acuity Associates had to be different. Despite being a hugely competitive market, the business, the team, our client…

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Preparing Your Business for a Liquidity Event: The Benefits of Interim FD / CFO Services

It’s not uncommon for a liquidity event to take place when a change of control occurs within a business. Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, sale or there’s a need to…

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Why Only One in Seven CFO Candidates Have the Right Skills for Emerging Mid-Market Businesses

With COVID-19, a turbulent political landscape, a cost of living crisis and increasing interest rates, UK businesses have faced many challenges in recent years. Despite this, industry professionals are optimistic…

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The 5D FD White Paper: A Guide to Validating Your CFO and FD’s Skills

Technological influences have altered the traditional definition of what makes a great CFO and FD. The responsibilities of these roles have grown tremendously and are now a far cry from…

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