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Today’s precarious macro-economic environment with geo-political upheaval and a global pandemic requires an agile approach to strategic planning. For some businesses the opportunities are positively transformational, for others, fatal.

In times of flux, the ability to quickly reset or adjust is crucial and 1Gartner’s strategic plan on a page provides an excellent resource for the C-suite.

How do businesses flex plans to optimise opportunities in a world of uncertainty?

Explore the assumptions in the light of the micro and macroeconomic environment. Break down the strategic plan into clear, measurable elements with the right metrics. Obtain buy in from competency teams. Summarise in a sentence.

CFOs and Finance Directors must have a firm grip on the strategic planning process for their organisations to remain agile. Questions to be answered include “How are we adapting our Strategic Plan and ensuring the right engagement from our teams?”

‘The 5D FD’ White Paper attached underpins the importance of ensuring the CFO is right-skilled and able to deliver what strategic change is required and, as importantly, communicate to the teams so there is a communality of understanding.

To learn more about ‘The 5D FD’ and how Acuity Associates uses The Acuity Method™ to ensure the right skills are present in the CFO email and request a  call back.

1 Strategic Planning for Finance.

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