• What we do •

We don’t just recruit. We audit financial ability.

At Acuity Associates, we audit financial ability and provide FDs and CFOs that are technically tested. This means that the candidates we source are assessed before they are suggested.

Working in this way ensures we eliminate the risks of a potential bad hire, by only providing the highest quality of applicants.

We provide skills-validated candidates for Companies and Private Equity Houses:

  • FDs / CFOs for growing SMEs
  • FDs for PE portfolio companies
  • Interim FDs readying businesses for sale
  • Interim FDs to cover sickness and absence or fill a gap between roles
  • Part time FDs for SMEs
  • Financial Controllers for all the above.

We’ve been assessing candidates since 2007

Founded in 2007, Acuity Associates’ mission is to strengthen finance teams through the application of The Acuity Method™. The Acuity Method™ validates Finance Director and CFOs’ technical skills as explored in our White Paper ‘The 5D FD‘ i.e. their ability to be effective in their roles and facilitate better decision making.

The Acuity Method™ ensures that the candidates presented to clients have the required skills reducing the risk of hiring a Finance Director or CFO that are missing the competencies required for a particular business. Acuity’s extensive benchmarking shows that only 1 out of 10 Finance Director or CFO candidates have the right skills for emerging mid market businesses.

A pool of verified candidates

We have assembled a pool of talented Finance Directors and CFOs whose skills include improving businesses’ financial infrastructure (reporting/forecasting and commercial decision making) readying business for sale and other corporate events (e.g. taking on a Private Equity or VC strategic investor).

Our Associate FD and CFOs are placed in our clients’ offices, supplementing their existing team, to focus on the business’ readiness for the transaction, preparing high quality data rooms and enhanced reporting to the standard required.  Our clients report that our Associates add value beyond these specific tasks; they bring their experience to bear on all aspects and often identify areas for improvement in the client’s process and systems.

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