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Looking for the right FD for your business?

Your FD is responsible for providing robust planning and reporting within the business, developing best practices and procedures to ensure the finance team works to a high level of efficiency and accuracy. Your FD’s strategic input is invaluable in achieving your business’ ultimate goal.

It’s for that reason that hiring on qualifications alone is a risky proposition and why The Acuity Method™ was created.

Our Associate Finance Directors (FDs) and CFOs have all been assessed and skills-validated through The Acuity Method™. Our Finance Directors combine “hands on” capabilities with the highly strategic thinking necessary to get the job done.

We go beyond the numbers

When it comes to financial effectiveness, it’s important to use the lessons of the past to shape the future, keeping the focus on the future of the business and remaining adaptable.

An interim FD / CFO supplied through Acuity will be able to assist you with much more than simply meeting the financial reporting and responsibility needs of the business:

  • Readying business for sale including preparation of the data room (at the right time)
  • Business planning and modelling
  • Production of an integrated cash flow forecast model with scenario planning capability
  • Production of the monthly Board Pack including product and service margin reporting, KPIs, product and service mix and communicating to the management team
  • Managing the finance team
  • Provide strategic input to the board
  • Contract negotiations
  • Hands on work as required

Finding the right fit for your specific needs

FD and CFO project or interim services need not be full time. We work with you to provide the exact right number of days per week or month for your needs.

Not all FDs are created equal.

Call today on 0203 405 3080 and see how we can advise you on the right solution for your needs. We will be able to quote the right daily rate for your interim FD or CFO depending on the precise requirements of the role.