• The Acuity Method TM

Founded in 2007, Acuity Associates’ mission is to strengthen finance teams through the application of The Acuity MethodTM. The Acuity MethodTM  validates accountants technical skills. i.e. their ability to be effective in their roles. Using The Acuity MethodTM  we have comprised a hugely talented base of associate Finance Directors and CFOs whose skills include readying business for sale or other significant liquidity events (e.g. Private Equity fund raise et al).

We place these associates in our clients’ offices to supplement the existing team and prepare data rooms, enhancing reporting and ensuring these elements are produced to meet the requisite standard.  Typically, there are significant ancillary benefits that add value to clients’ operations as our associates identify process and/or systems areas for improvement.

We provide skills-validated candidates for Private Equity Houses and Companies for the following key requirements:
• FDs for PE portfolio companies
• Interim FDs readying businesses for sale Interim
• FDs to cover sickness and absence or fill a gap between roles
• Part time FDs for SMEs

Financial Controllers for all the above.

Consulting and Assessment
We also provide The Acuity MethodTM as a consulting service to compliment a recruitment process, to assess an existing team’s competence, to identify high flyers and to provide assurance about the competence of interims. The Acuity MethodTM differentiates those accountants who have the right technical skills from those who do not. We do this by validating skills through assessments. Our bespoke approach means tailoring the assessments to the specific requirements of each role. We report on all competencies, including Excel, and provide constructive feedback.

Our Assessments and Consulting Services For Companies / Recruitment Companies cover the following roles:
• Finance Directors / CFOs
• Financial Controllers
• Management Accountants
• Bookkeepers

Our new White Paper ‘5D FD – Benchmarking the 5 Dimensional Finance Director’ explores ‘what outstanding looks like’ and confronts the modern FD / CFOs’ roles in meeting and adapting to key business challenges. Please click here to read more.